The Regional Mushroomery of Queens


By Scott Costen

Kept in the dark and fed manure.

That’s life as a mushroom.

It’s also the sad existence of voters in the Regional Mushroomery of Queens.

Council attendance rates are not published, although one enterprising news organization recently provided this public service to its readers.

Individual voting records are not compiled or published by the Mushroomery, either. (But we do get free hot dogs, which is pretty close to being fed manure, every summer.)

Then there’s the matter of having police stand guard during a public hearing, without any reasonable attempt to explain or justify their presence.

On top of these affronts to local democracy, we also have to contend with a steady stream of propaganda from the Mushroomery.

Mayor David Dagley, a longstanding and rabid opponent of evening council meetings (or off-site ones, for that matter), is now speaking like the man who spearheaded a council decision to hold four evening meetings a year in four different parts of the Mushroomery.

“The changes to our meeting schedule are about making meetings more accessible to the public,” our head farmer said in a news release yesterday. “We hope to have more public engagement as people become aware of this change, and come out to a meeting.”

Kept in the dark and fed manure.

Without widespread demand for change, this will be our lot in life for many harvests to come.

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