Food safety inspectors issue notices to comply

By Scott Costen

Two Liverpool establishments were given notices to comply by provincial food safety inspectors last month.

Queens Daycare Association (QDA), located at 108 College St., was cited Jan. 7 for having unsealed wood in its food service area and not having a dispenser for paper towels at its hand-washing sink. It was ordered to install a dispenser and “seal wooden surfaces surrounding counter above dishwasher, ensuring surface is smooth, non-absorbent and easily cleanable.”

Reached by social media message, QDA’s Donna Dexter told the Observer both issues have been addressed. “We had recently installed a new dishwasher, and there was bare wood that (had) to be painted,” she said. “We also needed a paper towel holder in the kitchen, which has been installed.”

The Snug Canteen, located at Queens Place Emera Centre, was written-up Jan. 11 for inadequate sanitizing of food contact surfaces. “Provide a food grade sanitizer to sanitize kitchen surfaces,” the inspection report said. “Acceptable sanitizers are 100 ppm unscented chlorine bleach solution or 200 ppm quaternary ammonium compound.” A follow-up inspection Jan. 25 found no deficiencies.

An official with Lane’s Privateer Inn, which operates the Snug Canteen, declined to comment when reached by the Observer.

Another food establishment check-up was conducted Jan. 11 at White Point Beach Resort. The popular getaway spot received two notices to comply in November 2018 but no deficiencies were noted during last month’s inspection.


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