Garbage, blue bag or green bin? There’s an app for that

By Scott Costen

Local residents have a new source of information about garbage, recycling and green bin collection.

The R6RECYCLES app, available on both Apple and Android devices, answers questions about sorting materials and provides users with collection schedules and reminders. The app was launched recently by Region 6 Solid Waste Management, which oversees collection, disposal and diversion in Region of Queens Municipality (RQM) and 12 other municipal units.

“During some of our discussions and meetings, we were aware of other municipalities having waste apps and decided it was a good way to reach more people,” said Scott LeBlanc, RQM’s solid waste clerk. “It’s very cost-effective. I think it works out to 10 cents a resident.”

After entering their address, users can choose to receive a reminder the day before, or the day of, collection. They will then be notified about what’s being picked up that day, including any special collections such as RQM’s annual spring clean-up.

The app will also be used to notify users in the event of an interruption in service. “If there’s a storm, I can notify people immediately that there’s a cancellation and advise them when their collection will be,” LeBlanc said.

Residents who are not online have the option of getting landline telephone reminders about collections.

“They can call me, give me permission to input their phone number, and they will get a phone call reminder at home at whatever time they choose,” LeBlanc said. Like the app, the ‘robocall’ system will send out notifications about service interruptions.

Those interested in registering for phone reminders can call Scott LeBlanc at (902) 354-3455.