LETTER: Remove fish farms before it’s too late


We are writing today regarding our concern for the future of Queens County in light of fish farming and how it has, and will continue to, affect our coastal communities.

As one of the owners of the Queens County condominium corporation in Beach Meadows, we are extremely appalled at the notion of expansion of the Cooke Aquaculture fish farm, which will further impact the quality of human life as well as that of sea life.

This entire community and area will be affected by this pollution in and around our environment. The reason for this pollution is money and how the corporation wants to deepen its pockets. When will this greedy, self-serving attitude end? Region of Queens Municipality has been striving to promote the area as a tourist destination. Do you think tourists will want to come to Beach Meadows beach and swim in water that’s been polluted by these fish farms?

Our community is being exposed to pathogenic effluents from fish farming. These fish farm lots result in huge consequences for many coastal communities — consequences such as wildlife and critical ecosystem failure, dropping tourism numbers, parks and recreation pollution, and the loss of reputation as a travel destination.

We do not expect you to compromise the health of our people and the land they live on. We do not consent to the operation of fish farms and any expansions. Their operation will continue to spread pollution and harmful pathogens, along with the ongoing transfer of lethal amounts of sea lice.

We speak out of concern for the future of our coast and our integrity as a just and fair community. We demand there be no more expansion of any fish farm in Nova Scotia. We also ask that all existing fish farms be removed from the ocean before it is too late.

This is not a new issue. We have learned how destructive fish farms are from all angles over the past 30 years. Science has proven facts regarding the effects of fish farms and now the people have spoken. It is up to government to make the right choice. We sincerely hope it does. The future of our beautiful Queens County depends on it.

Robert and Alexis Tierney
Danbury, Connecticut