Some New Year’s resolutions for Queens County


By Scott Costen

For your consideration, some possible New Year’s resolutions for Queens County residents.

Buy local

This is the easiest and most effective way to boost the local economy. Queens County businesses employ our friends and neighbours, pay taxes to our municipal government and, in many cases, support community events and organizations. Shopping locally is an investment — and a vote of confidence — in the place we call home.

Speak up

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. It’s as true today as when the expression was first coined. If you have questions, concerns or ideas about local government, share them with your councillor. If you’re not getting results on your own, form a community action group and file petitions, flood email inboxes and stage protests. There’s strength in numbers.

Look ahead

Queens County history is fascinating and certainly worthy of greater study and celebration. But too much nostalgia, particularly for the “good old days,” can be a dangerous thing. Indeed, it can stymie progress and cause incessant navel-gazing. Let’s keep our focus on the road ahead, planning for the future and embracing change.

Stop littering

Incredibly, as we prepare to enter 2019, litter remains a serious issue in Queens. How is this possible? What careless, clueless people think this is acceptable behaviour? Litter is an unnecessary blight on our otherwise beautiful landscape. Citizens need to report it so that police can crack down on it. This embarrassing epidemic needs to end.