Purchase data shows value of local fishing industry

By Observer Staff

As lobster fishermen ply their trade off the shores of Queens County, recently released data sheds light on the dollar value of fish species harvested in the area.

According to government data published last month, the purchase value of seafood products sold in Port Mouton in 2017 exceeded $10.5 million. In Port Medway, purchases were more than $2.2 million. These figures apply to all species sold by commercial harvesters or aquaculture businesses.

Additional purchases of nearly $4.8 million were reported in Queens County but not assigned to particular ports. These purchases include locations with three or fewer buyers, which are not identified in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. They could also include ports not listed in the data set, which was produced by the province’s fisheries and aquaculture department.

The government report mistakenly lists Voglers Cove in Queens County. The Lunenburg County port saw fish and shellfish purchases in excess of $2.9 million last year.


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