A dog park for Queens?

By Scott Costen

Milton councillor Jack Fancy is reaching out to people interested in having a dedicated dog park in Queens County.

Fancy has called a meeting Wednesday night at the Milton community hall and will be joined there by council colleague Susan MacLeod. “This is not a Region of Queens initiative, though,” he said. “This is intended to be a community-driven initiative.”

Fancy has studied existing dog parks in Lunenburg and Bridgewater. He’d like to see Queens have its own canine playground to add to municipal infrastructure and enhance the quality of life of dog owners and their pets.

Fencing and other costs could be addressed through grants and community fundraising, he said. “I think for $30,000 you could build the whole thing.”

While he’s happy to “get the ball rolling,” Fancy is hoping local residents will organize themselves and take on the job of making the park a reality.

“I don’t even own a dog,” he said. “But this would be a good thing for the community, so I’m trying to help get it started.”

The meeting will be held Dec. 5 at 6 p.m. at the Milton community hall.

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