Council briefs: Nov. 27, 2018

By Observer Staff

Queens Daycare proposal to purchase Mount Pleasant School:

Council unanimously approved selling the former Mount Pleasant School to Queens Daycare Association for $1. There will be a public hearing in January, followed by a final council vote on the matter. Background on the proposed transaction can be found here.

Sale of former Caledonia bus garage:

Council voted unanimously in favour of selling the former Caledonia school bus garage to Robert A. Cole for $151,000. The 5.6-acre property, which includes a 3,884-square-foot building, was deemed surplus by the South Shore Regional Centre for Education in August and transferred to Region of Queens Municipality last month.

Cole operates a plumbing and heating business and the purchase will help him expand the operation, council documents noted. Two other offers were received, one for $50,000 from RSR Machining & Fabrication and the other for $10,000 from George Uhlman on behalf of North Queens Ground Search and Rescue.

Telecommunications tower on Meadow Pond Lane:

Council voted 5-3 in favour of allowing the erection of a cellular telecommunications tower on Meadow Pond Lane in Liverpool. Two opponents of the plan spoke during a public hearing held immediately before council proceedings. They said the tower could endanger the health of nearby residents. Dissenting votes were cast by councillors Kevin Muise, Brian Fralic and Jack Fancy.

Dangerous and unsightly premises:

Council unanimously declared 877 New Grafton Rd., New Grafton, dangerous and unsightly. Bylaw officer Kelley-Anne Hurley said the property has been a concern since 2013, when it suffered an “irreparable” house fire. The house was eventually demolished, she said, but “remnants of the cinder block foundation remain, posing as a hazard … (and) the property exterior hosts several abandoned and derelict vehicles, auto parts, scrap metals, construction and demolition materials or remnants thereof, household garbage and other miscellaneous items strewn throughout the property.”

The registered owner, Lindsay Irene Wamback, will be ordered to perform a complete clean-up of the property. However, Hurley indicated the work would “probably not” be done by the owner, meaning it would fall to the municipality, which would then bill Wamback for expenses.

Council and staff expenses:

After being discussed and deferred over the course of several meetings, a new policy on council and staff expenses was unanimously adopted. Apart from the addition of an appeals process, there isn’t much new in Administrative Policy 7, which can be found here. Its significance appears to lie more in the formalization of existing procedures.

Trucking of bulk salt:

The 2018/19 contract for trucking of bulk salt was awarded by unanimous vote to Donald Whynot Trucking Ltd., which submitted the lowest of two bids. The company will receive $39.75 plus HST per metric tonne.

New Year’s Levee funding:

Council unanimously approved $500 in funding for the New Year’s Levee at Mersey Branch, Royal Canadian Legion. In its application, the branch noted its expenses for the community event would be $1,000. It asked the municipality to provide half the necessary funds.