Caledonia gas station hopes to be pumping again next week

By Scott Costen

A day after running out of fuel and announcing it was going out of business, Caledonia’s only gas station could be pumping again soon.

“It’s looking good,” said Willis Fancy, owner of Noah’s Convenience. “I’ll know for sure next week, but it’s looking like we’ll be in the gas business again.”

The Hwy. 8 business has been having difficulty adjusting to new payment arrangements imposed by its supplier, Fancy said. “But my biggest problem around here is people want a gas bar, but they don’t want to shop local. They go to Liverpool, Bridgewater and Greenfield.”

Noah’s announced on social media Nov. 26 that it would no longer be selling gas and the convenience store would be closing. Since then, a number of concerned residents have come in to offer words of encouragement and make purchases to support the business.

“Hopefully it’s a trend that will continue,” Fancy said. “You can’t survive here unless you get some local support.”