Council to consider weed, alcohol policy for municipal staff

By Observer Staff

Region of Queens Municipality (RQM) employees could be subject to new rules governing their use of cannabis and alcohol during and before work.

A proposed policy, which is scheduled to be considered at the Nov. 27 council meeting, would expressly forbid the use of cannabis, alcohol and “certain medications” on the job.

Employees who operate equipment or vehicles, or who work in plant or facility operations, would be prohibited from consuming cannabis 24 hours before a shift. All other employees would be forbidden from using cannabis 12 hours before work.

The policy would require employees to abstain from alcohol eight hours prior to the performance of any duty on behalf of RQM.

According to a staff report to council, current municipal policy is “not sufficient” because it deals only with on-the-job substance use by employees who are “in a position to harm others because of that state.”


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  1. Will be interesting to see the unions take on this. I am in favor of everything that makes the work place a safer place for employees, and the public a like. I would note that science tells us that on average we lose 10 mg. of alcohol in 100 mili-liters of blood per hour. As far as cannabis is concerned, science have come up with little that is on a consistent basis, as they have with alcohol. Err on the side of caution, and be safe.


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