Region of Queens gets two things right


By Scott Costen

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Perhaps that explains a couple of smart and successful initiatives by Region of Queens Municipality.

The facility tours being held this week are a great way to celebrate Municipal Awareness Week. They’re giving residents an opportunity to tour low-profile operations such as our water and sewage treatment facilities, and more familiar ones like Queens Place Emera Centre and the municipal landfill.

Another successful venture is the Business Facade Program. The street-level beautification initiative, launched earlier this year, appears to be a winner. According to a Nov. 13 economic development concept paper, 10 projects have received matching municipal funding for a variety of exterior upgrades.

Nearly all of the $40,000 budgeted for the program has been spent. The concept paper notes: “The estimated value of work, if it is all completed as detailed, is $110,864.76, well above the anticipated ($80,000).”

Eight of the participating businesses are in downtown Liverpool, which needs far more support than it has been getting. Are municipal officials planning a “next step” for downtown, or are they waiting for the broken clock to be right again?


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  1. Scott I have to agree, the façade programme went over well as it did in many communities in Nova Scotia. As far as tours of our water /sewer treatment facility, and landfill operations, not sure who would be interested. So what was the attendance, possibly I’m wrong, attendance may have been way up there, simply not my cup of tea. The Emera Centre, that may be a different kettle of fish. I would suggest that those that were/are interested would have made inquires by now, but new arrivals may find the tour interesting. Simply my opinion. Thanks Scott


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