Food safety violations at two Liverpool restaurants

By Scott Costen

Two Liverpool restaurants were written-up for food safety violations last month.

Memories Cafe, located at 28 Water St., was cited Oct. 12 for having absorbent mats in its dish-washing area and “inadequate chemical sanitizer concentration” in its mechanical dishwasher.

“We are pleased after seven seasons of doing business in the food industry to finally see some in-depth inspections beginning to take place,” owner Linda Giffin Smith said in an email. “The issues were addressed within 24 hours (by) simply throwing away two dish-drying mats, elevating one cardboard box that stored a large bag of flour, and calling in our dishwasher leasing company to modify the sanitizer line.”

Memories was subsequently re-inspected and received a clean bill of health, she said.

Liverpool Pizzeria at 155 Main St. was also inspected Oct. 12. The restaurant received a notice to comply for “failure to provide approved containers for food.” A provincial government spokesperson said the issue was attributed to the establishment’s previous owner rather than its new one. As a result, the inspection report is not available on the province’s food safety database.

“When ownership of a restaurant changes, we remove the previous owner’s deficiencies from our website to ensure that the new operator is not publicly penalized for the deficiencies of the previous operator,” said Rachel Boomer in an email to the Observer. “We do require that the new owner address the issues that were identified in the previous operator’s inspection.”

The Greenfield District Fire Department and Mersey Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion were also inspected by food safety officials in October. No issues were noted at either location.