‘Making history’: recreational cannabis sold in Bridgewater

By Scott Costen

As I walked into the cannabis section of the Bridgewater NSLC this morning, a friendly staffer exclaimed to the throng of customers, “You’re making history, guys!”

I had arrived 15 minutes before opening and was about 40th in line. When the doors opened, I was part of the first group to enter the government-run weed emporium, which is bright, completely separate from the rest of the store, and surprisingly neutral smelling. (I got a stronger whiff of weed waiting in line outside than I did in the actual cannabis store.)

Fifteen minutes before opening. (Scott Costen)

I was only there for about 10 minutes and left without purchasing anything. My concern was witnessing history, not making it.

A few customers took up offers to look at some displays and interactive guides, but most stayed in line, confident in their weed IQ.

A worker handed me a brochure titled Cannabis Discovery Guide. As I casually leafed through it, one of the cashiers announced to everyone that the first sale of the morning had been made. Cheers and fist pumps broke out, up and down the long, winding lineup.

Heading into the store. (Scott Costen)

In case you’re wondering — and I know that you are — yes, I did spot some Queens County faces at the cannabis store.

They made history this morning.

And me? I was very glad to witness it.