Restaurant cited for ‘pests’: September food safety report

By Observer Staff

The Tim Hortons outlet at 170 Bristol Ave. in Liverpool received a notice to comply following a Sept. 28 food safety inspection.

Provincial inspectors noted the “presence of pests” in their report. However, the nuisance creatures appear to have been of the winged, rather than legged, variety. Inspectors directed the restaurant to “install pest control equipment to address and eliminate [the] presence of flies in [the] rear food preparation area.” The problem appears to have been resolved quickly, as a subsequent inspection on Oct. 12 found “no deficiencies.”

The Liverpool McDonald’s at 203 Bristol Ave. was also inspected Sept. 28. It received a clean bill of culinary health, suggesting recently identified issues have been addressed. In July, food safety officials gave the restaurant several notices to comply, citing “failure to provide sanitary conditions of non-food contact surfaces” and inadequate construction and maintenance of some floor, corner and ceiling areas.

Seaside Seafoods in Hunts Point was inspected Sept. 11. No issues were identified in its food establishment inspection report.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Tim Hortons media officials were invited to comment but did not respond by time of publication.