Important announcement

Dear reader:

Timely and accurate council coverage is vitally important.

With some 10,000 residents and annual budgets of nearly $20 million, Region of Queens Municipality is a large, complex and expensive operation.

Without proper media scrutiny, governments become unaccountable. And without accountability, they often go off course. (As the Washington Post tells its readers, “Democracy Dies in the Darkness.”)

I have therefore decided to provide ongoing council coverage to readers of the Queens Observer. No story will be ignored and no stone will be left unturned. As with the Queens County Citizen, my council reporting and commentary will be fearless, independent and in the public interest.

Unlike the Citizen, however, the Observer will not be a full-service news site. It will be dedicated largely to council news and local commentary. I also plan to post some provincially and federally focused opinion columns which, along with the Observer, will be housed on my enhanced website

The offerings on the site will be subscription-free, so that everyone can access them. However, I hope you will consider supporting the Observer with modest, occasional donations here. Otherwise, you can show your support by sharing this Facebook page and website with friends, family and anyone else interested in local government and current affairs.

Thank you,

Scott Costen


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  1. Thanks Scott, simply put if regular council meeting can’t / won’t be live streamed, than the second best is in print. Thanks again….John Townsend


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