New transit system a testament to vision, volunteerism

A few years ago it was a dream.

Next month it will be a reality.

Queens County Transit has finally arrived and it’s time to recognize the hard work, dedication and extraordinary vision of the folks who made it happen.

Members of the Queens Care Society were instrumental, not just in imagining a public transportation system, but in building it from the ground up. They did a community needs assessment, consulted with existing rural transit services, and identified funding opportunities. Then, based on all the available evidence, they developed a realistic and achievable plan that is about to bear fruit.

The founders of Queens Community Transit didn’t rush their work. They didn’t cut any corners. On the contrary, they did their homework and took things step by step.

The primary beneficiaries of all this hard work will be seniors, students, low-income residents and those with accessibility issues. In other words, the project was truly a labour of love, done for all the right reasons and the most deserving people. It was motivated by a conviction that Queens could do better and that its people deserve better.

Strategic vision, coupled with selfless volunteerism, can achieve a great deal. Let the successful arrival of a public transit system in Queens serve as a shining example of that.