Liverpool restaurant gets notices to comply after food inspections

EDITOR’S NOTE: Beginning today, The Observer will publish a monthly round-up of food establishment inspections in Queens County.

A fast-food restaurant in Liverpool received several notices to comply from provincial food inspectors last month.

Inspected twice in a five-day period, the McDonald’s at 203 Bristol Ave. was cited for “failure to provide sanitary conditions of non-food contact surfaces” and inadequate construction and maintenance of some floor, corner and ceiling areas.

Cleaning required in hard to reach areas,” said a July 19 food establishment inspection report. “Clean ceiling tiles where dust has accumulated, with attention to tiles adjacent [to] vents. Clean flooring beneath equipment and spaces between equipment to remove oil and debris. Clean doors and handles.”

The same report noted “inadequate” construction and/or maintenance of flooring in “dry areas” of the kitchen. “Repair broken/missing tiles in food preparation area, including flooring and corners at rear of prep area,” it said. “Ensure surface is smooth, non-absorbent and easily cleanable with tight joins.”

A subsequent inspection on July 23 generated two more notices to comply — one for the same flooring and corner issues and another for missing ceiling tiles in the food preparation area.

Franchise owner/operator Glenn Stitt responded to the floor, corner and ceiling issues in an emailed statement to The Observer. But his statement did not address the cleaning directives issued by provincial inspectors.

“As a McDonald’s franchisee, maintaining the standards of my restaurant is my top priority,” Stitt wrote. “After my restaurant received notice on July 19th and July 23rd about the two infractions related to the floor, wall and ceiling tiles, we immediately made every effort to correct the situation, including repairing and replacing the missing ceiling and floor tiles. We still have some minor work to do related to the floor baseboards, however we expect this work to be completed next week.”

According to online records published by the province, the Liverpool McDonald’s was inspected twice in 2016 and once in 2017. No issues were identified during these inspections.

The Liverpool Ultramar at 137 Bristol Ave. was also inspected last month. No deficiencies were noted in its food establishment inspection report.