Welcome to the Queens Observer

Dear reader:

I have decided to launch this digital opinion platform to generate ideas and spark meaningful discussions around the important issues affecting Queens.

As with my previous online publication, the Queens County Citizen, I will write without fear or favour. Indeed, I will adhere to the journalistic mission of comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.

Unlike the Citizen, the Queens Observer will not be a news site. It will consist primarily, if not exclusively, of opinion columns. (I hope to publish letters to the editor at some point).

My columns will not “scoop” or compete with LighthouseNow (Progress Bulletin), which is both my primary freelance employer and the only newspaper still covering Queens County. (If you don’t have a subscription, please consider getting one.)

Scott Costen



  1. The public truly does require a venue to post their comments and concerns. Wishing you well with this new endeavour .


  2. Glad you’re back. I don’t always agree with you, in fact, sometimes I think you’re “off your rocker”, but I always appreciate your efforts and opinions.


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